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Your position: Home / There was A Mist Over The Headlights

There was A Mist Over The Headlights

There was A Mist Over The Headlights

In these rainy days, some car owners will find that there is a layer of water mist attached to the mirror housing of the headlights after restarting the car. Why?

There is an air inlet and an outlet in the headlights of BMW. Their function is to equalize the air temperature in the car when the headlights are on, so as to let the hot air out and the cold air in. They are equipped with filter sponges, just like our lungs are breathing, when the outside air is moist, it is sucked into the headlight, the hot air is expelled, at this time, if we turn off the headlight for some reason, the internal air temperature of the headlight drops, the moist air condenses into water mist and adheres to the headlight.

Water mist in headlights is neither a vehicle fault nor a design defect, but a normal physical phenomenon. It usually clears up in half an hour. However, if the headlight is turned on for a long time, the water mist does not dissipate, indicating the need to detect the leakage of the headlight.


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