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Your position: Home / Is The Engine Getting Louder? That's Because It

Is The Engine Getting Louder? That's Because It

Is The Engine Getting Louder?
That's Because It

The engine has a hissing sound, like steam or air coming out of the engine. After hearing this sound, the engine can quickly lose power. Possible problems: Engine overheating. Check if cooling system or exhaust system is blocked. Check the vacuum leak.

Very loud noise from the exhaust pipe, very annoying. Sometimes it comes out from the front section.The main problem is in the exhaust system, check whether the exhaust pipe is broken.

The acceleration is normal, ignition is also normal. But if when moving at a constant speed, found that the engine is revving fast but it can't get up to speed, check the cooling fluid and oil pressure gauge.

When the car accelerates or slows down, the engine produces a whir sound. With the change of RPM, the sound changes. It could be due to lack of power steering oil or damage to generator bearings and power steering pumps.

When you step on the gas pedal, there is a lack of power in the acceleration, the engine sounds hysterical especially if the engine is hot or cold. Check whether the air filter is dirty, whether the spark plug is old and needs to be replaced, whether the ignition coil is broken, and whether there is water in the oil line.

The engine has a sound of a pencil hitting the table, the sound increase as the engine revs. Possible causes are dirt or valve leaks in the engine. It is recommended to change the oil and filter, and clean the engine.

When the engine is idling, it makes a clicking sound, as if something is hitting the metal. That could be due to a lack of oil or low oil pressure.

If you step on the gas pedal, you can hear a sound coming out from the exhaust pipe. It may not be very loud, and the car is normal to drive, but the fuel consumption increases. Check if the muffler and exhaust pipe are damaged.


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Is The Engine Getting Louder? That's Because It
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