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How to measure hubcaps?

When you came to buy the wheel center caps, you must meet with the following 3 kinds of situations:

1 Your original caps were damaged or lost.
2 You changed the new wheel hubs and don't know the sizes of the fitted caps.
You managed to redecorate the wheel parts, to make it look different.

1 This is the most common and the easiest situation to cope with.
Measure the outer diameter(O.D) at the base or opening of the original cap, as this is the widest portion of the cap. The outer diameter is a measurement between the two outer walls of the center cap at its widest point, made in straight line.

Place a caliper(Necessary) across the opening on the original cap to measure the inner diameter(I.D). The inner diameter is the distance between the two clips of the center caps, measured in a straight line across the center cap.

Measure the length of clips. If no special circumstances, this dimension is not too different.
2 When you are looking for a fitted cap that matches your new pretty wheel hub, first you can ask the supplier of the wheel hub for the sizes, including outer diameter, inner diameter and length of clips. It should be noted that the centerbore doesn't necessarily mean the size of wheel center caps. The centerbore of a wheel is the size of the hole in the back of the wheel that centers it over the mounting hub of the car.

You can also measure them by yourself.
RhinoTuning is committed to providing convenience for car tuning enthusiasts, have been collecting multiple information about different wheel hubs. Google RhinoTuning and contact them if you need any help.

3 Replacing your wheel center caps is the first step for car tuning. Replica is a great solution to replacing OEM center caps and enhancing the look of your wheels. RhinoTuning is expert at replica center caps with various styles.

Normally the fitted center caps are determined by these 2 important sizes: O.D and I.D. Some has the steel rings and some doesn't. The function of the steel rings is to support the weak plastic clips to ensure it won't break during the installation. So if the cap is made of high quality plastic, the steel rings are not required.

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