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Ruf CTR-The Forgotten Yellow Bird

Ruf CTR-The Forgotten Yellow Bird

Ruf Automobile GmbH is a German car manufacturer. Ruf vehicles are derived from unmarked Porsche chassis. Ruf is historically known for its record breaking 211 mph CTR, and is the largest, most renowned company to make Porsche performance enhancements.

The twin-turbo Ruf CTR (Group C, Turbo Ruf) also known as the CTR Yellowbird or simply Yellowbird, was a limited-production, high performance sports car produced by Ruf Automobile GmbH. The car received its nickname, "Yellowbird", during testing by Road & Track magazine, whose staffers noted the contrast created by its yellow paintwork against the overcast skies on the day of their photo shoot. The sound from the blow-off valve was also curiously close to the chirp of a canary, helping the name "yellowbird" stick.

A Nickname Turned Legend-2017 RUF CTR Unveiled in Geneva

Max. Power

710 HP / 522 kW @ 6.750/min

Max. Torque

880 Nm / 649 lb-ft @2.750 – 4000/min


3600 cm³


6-speed manual gearbox


360 km/h /233 mph


Urban: 18,9 l/100 km

Non-Urban: 9,8 l/100 km

Combined: 12,8 l/100 km


305,7 g/km



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Ruf CTR-The Forgotten Yellow Bird