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About Us
Welcome to RhinoTuning.com!

About RhinoTuning
RhinoTuning was founded in 2007 as a part-time business in Shenzhen, China. As an increasing number of people join the team, the little business begins to grow and gradually becomes professional and mature.

To satisfy the tremendous ambition, in 2010, RhinoTuning leaved Shenzhen for Guangzhou, which is an old port city in southern China. The new facility features a larger space to accommodate more inventory and addtional office space for the sales and customer service staff.

For over decade, RhinoTuning has set the standard for Fast Shipping, Excellent Customer Service and High Quality. Today, RhinoTuning which started in 2010, just crossed the line of 1 million dollars. With your support, the better future will sure reach soon.

About RhinoTuning.com
RhinoTuning.com launched officially on 2015. The independent website gives car-tuning enthusiasts worldwide easier access to the company's powerful production capacity, the best customer service and lower prices. The company is soon taking orders from all over the world.

RhinoTuning.com specializing in various auto parts for years: Lights, Key Rings, Emblems/Badges, Valve Caps, Wheel Center Caps, Windsreen Wiper Blades and Car-care Tools, etc. To get your car radiant and distinctive.
We at RhinoTuning.com get bored of high prices as well as poor quality, have been committed to making a new environment for car-tuning. The company keeps long-term cooperation business with several the major factories in southern China and make mutual advantages. This is why we can provide competitive offers for global valued customers.

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